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Girls Who Grind

“Casey Lalonde, co-founder of Girls Who Grind Coffee, said, 'We are incredibly grateful to Jen for helping us secure a space for our business. Without her knowledge and connections within the property sector we would still be searching!'”

Girls Who Grind Coffee - Leasehold Acquisition - Frome

Who? Girls Who Grind Coffee, a creative all-female run coffee roastery, had been looking for B2 premises in Frome without any luck. 

What? Projekt stepped in to help with their search. Our proactive approach identified a great opportunity to acquire a modern purpose-built unit at Upton Scudamore, just outside of Frome. 

How? Flexible terms were agreed to allow Girls Who Grind Coffee the ability to expand as their business grows. The deal completed quickly to allow the roaster to be ordered in time for exciting key events later in the year.

Check out Girls Who Grind Coffee here - we will be supporting them by buying our coffee from them going forward #supportlocalbusiness